Saige Updates!

Man, so much has happened since last I blogged that I don't even know where to begin! Let's start with some Saige updates (most the posted pictures don't have anything to do with the list of things Saige does):

-She turned 10 months old Oct 30th! Waaaaa! This stage is so much fun, but she wont be a baby much longer! I have dreaded that since day 1. Oh well. You have to live in the present and soak up the joy in each moment, am I right?

-She crawls around the house like a puppy and pulls up to standing on everything she can. She doesnt cruise yet, but she enjoys using a walking toy to go across the living room.

-She signs "all done" and recognizes the words/signs "mama", "dada", "Saige" and maybe a few others.

-She sleeps pretty great at night, but naps are still hit and miss. The last 2 weeks, each nap has averaged 45 minutes. I hopefully can chalk that up to her 2 top teeth coming through. She had a nap over an hour thus morning, so that's promising!

-She takes 3 naps a day which I would love to condense to 2 longer naps. She is just not ready yet. She cant stay awake for more than 2.5 hours...and that's pushing it.

-After 9 MONTHS, she FINALLY sleeps unswaddled! I totally thought I could wean her off the wrap around 3/4 months, like the book says, but I have been learning that MOST babies are NOT by the book. I wish I would have recognized that earlier. It would have saved me a lot of undue stress. Brad and I love to sneak into her room and see all the funny/uncomfortable positions she gets herself into now that she isn't sleeping in a straight jacket.

-She loves trying to eat junk off the kitchen floor (old peas, Doritos, dust bunnies, etc) so I need to sweep more, as tempting as it is to let Saige be my personal Rumba.

-She LOVES opening drawers, cabinets, bins, hampers, what have you, and pulling everything she can possibly reach OUT. DVDs, pens, and batteries are her favorite things to pull out and play with. Don't worry, the batteries are D's so there is no possible way she can swallow them.

-She laughs a lot, both at Brad and I and when she does something she thinks is funny. We love it.

-She is still pretty dang bald. She has some longish hair on top, but it's sooooo fine on the back and sides still!

-She has recently discovered the wonders of the bathroom. She loves the toilet and the tub. We now have to keep that door closed.

-She just started "sharing": handing us things, then taking them back, then handing them again. Its so cute! (ps. those are Brad's duck calls that Saige is playing with. If I wasn't married to Brad, I wouldn't know what they were either :)

-She is a happy baby girl! She brings us so much joy. I recently saw this framed saying that you can hang above a baby's bed that says, in the parents voice: "First we had each other. Then we had you. Now we have everything." I just love that. Sums up how we feel about our little Saige.


Marissa said...

She is so adorable and has the best smile! What a charmer!

Nancee said...

So freakin' cute! I love those tights. Wish I could find some in my size.

Danielle said...

Cute Halloween costumes! Saige is really growing up!

Rohatinsky Family said...

Wow, I can't believe how cute and big she is. I forget that she isn't going to stay the same age. You're aware of your own kids growing up (even though it's a harsh reality) but then you forget that your nieces and nephews grow just as fast. It makes me so excited for our baby girl ( I think I say that every time).

mom/Anne said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures!!! What an absolute doll! And she is so much fun, with her smiles and jabbering, and laughing. Thanks for sharing!