Family Fun in Seattle

Man, it's hard to come back from vacation, especially when you have to come back from 12 days in soon to come. Right now I would like to give you one more Seattle-themed post because the last trip we had to Seattle before our tropical vaca was soooo much fun! It just HAS to be documented! :)

All the Tegeders (excpet my bro-in-law Jordan, poor guy) were in Seattle for my cousin's wedding the first part of September. We took a day long trip to Blake Island, an island in the Puget Sound that is entirely a state park. Its sweet. We took a ferry from downtown to get there.

We Tegeders are definitely over-packers. Evidence in the proceeding picture:

No, we werent moving to Blake Island. All that stuff was for ONE day.

The fam on the ferry:

My bro Troy, his wife Nancee and their adorable daughters Sadie and Erica. It was so awesome of them to fly up from Arizona!

We got to the island and set up shop. It was a perfect, sunny summer day!

Saige still takes 3 naps a day (She will be 9 MONTHS OLD in a few days! Waaaa!) and would definiely be needing her beauty rest while at Blake Island. There was no way we were going to bring the pack 'n play along with the 3 tons of other stuff we brought, so we had to improvise....

It turns our suitcase sleeping aint so bad! Here is Brad getting Saige to sleep. He is the baby whisperer in our family. He can get Saige to sleep basically anytime, anywhere. He is a fantastic father!

We found this sweet teeter-totter made from drift wood on the beach, Admittedly, the adults had almost as much fun on it as the kiddos. Here is me and Erica:

My sister Sonja (visiting from Oklahoma) sandwiched between my nieces Lovi and Summer.

Who says the beach is a bad place to show off cartwheels? My only nephew on the Tegeder side of the family, Noah, having a blast in the sand. Poor boy. The grandkid order on the Tegeder side of the family is as follows: boy, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl. Noah is left at the top with no other boy to wrestle with. Luckily, he plays great with his girl cousins, his sister Lovi and he are best buds, and he loves babies. Its not such a bad line up after all.

Saige and her daddy walking on the beach! How cute is this pictutre, really? I just love it. Little does Saige know that a week and a half from that moment, the water she will be walking in will be muuuuuch warmer....

My lovely sis-in-laws, Julie and Nancee holding my wee one.

Brad was having a blast taking pictures of family members with the Seattle skyline in the background. I really miss my Washington home when I see pictures like these.

The trip was a total blast. We rode bikes, ate a HUGE lunch, went hiking, built sandcastles, built a driftwood fort, and enjoyed good company.

Brad had to take his second round of dental boards a few days after this trip. The test was a big deral, spanning over 2 days. Guess what? He passed! We got the results recently and we are stoked for him. Its nice to see hard work pay off....with more than a little help from above :)


Danielle said...

Yay for Brad passing the boards! I love Saige sleeping in the suitcase! Can't wait to hear about Kauai also!

Marissa said...

What a fun trip and fun family! I can't believe it has been 9 months! Wow!

Karen said...

Congratulations to Brad for passing!

The pictures of Saige "suitcase sleeping" made me lol for real. LOVE IT!! Will keep that in mind in case I ever need it. :)

Julie Tegeder said...

yay Brad! you can breath now (sigh)

Troy and Nancee Tegeder said...

So glad Brad passed, but not surprised. Thanks for all the great pics. Love the one of Saige sleeping in a suitcase. Miss you guys.