Since my oldest brother Andy and his family will be moving from Seattle to Vermont in June for his dermatology residency (and staying there for 3 whole years!), he and Julie decided to take their chillens to Disneyland since they are old enough to really get a kick out of it. Once he told the rest of the family and invited anyone of us to join in on the fun, it was no surprise that every single family member started making plans to go... everyone but Brad, that is. There's just nothing you can do when you are in the middle of a quarter at dental school.

Did Saige have a good time? Yes and no. She was very overwhelmed by the crowds, nervous on the rides, and extremely clingy to her mama. My whole family was willing to help carry her and watch her, but she cast the deciding vote in whether she wanted another set of arms to hold her. I think because it was such a new, busy experience, mama was the only person she felt could give her the comfort and familiarity she needed. Plus, trying to get her to take every nap in the stroller proved rather unsuccessful....and frustrating on my part. Oh, and she needed her pacifier 98% of the time to give her extra comfort. You'll see that in the pictures.(Meeting the fairies. I have no clue what any of their names are. Does anyone, really?)

Having said that, she DID warm up to going on the rides (she loved the carousel and The Little Mermaid ride- new in California Adventure). She sometimes was content to wander around a little nook we found without many people. She looooooved spending time with cousins (evident in the following pictures), she liked dancing to the music that would play in the streets, and she LOVED Splash Mountain!(Love how her long shirt was basically a dress)

I kid. Brad even believed I took her on Splash Mountain. Not for a few more years.(AT Sea World next to Summer, her cousin. You can see tiger sharks in the back ground)

Some of you may know my other brother Troy has his own business making apps for i/pod/pad/phone and Andriods, too. His website is and we sported shirts that he made for us, turning my family into walking adds for him. That punk brother didn't pay us a dime for it, either. :)

Maybe my family looked incredibly LDS (latter-day saint-ish) at Disneyland, but, boy, we were not the only ones! I was amazed at the amount of young, LDS families hitting up the theme parks last week! BYU and U of U shirts and hats everywhere! Then there are families that just screamed "I'm Mormon" (not literally, though that would have been awesome). There was lots of exchanging "Go Cougs" with passers-by. Funny shtuff.
(Whats with the punk fairy? She looked like a living Bratz doll).I have a Jaws picture like this and from this very spot in Universal Studios from 1998 with my high school friends. Once I find it, I'll scan it an upload it. Just for fun.

Our feet were KILLING us by the end of each night. Despite the hardships, it was about 73 degrees most days and we were in such good company. I'd go again tomorrow if I could.



Danielle said...

So awesome that you could go with all of your family! Looks like it was lots of fun!

Tara said...

Such fun pictures! Looks like you had fun despite the clingy child. :) And that punk fairy has some serious attitude in your picture.

Troy and Nancee Tegeder said...

Did you not get your advertising check yet? Dang mailman. I will have to look into it.

By the way, the fairies are Silvermist, Vidia, Rosetta, Iridesa, Fawn and Tink. Everyone knows least everyone that has Erica for a daughter. Glad you braved it solo. It was fun to hang out.