April Showers...

Long time, no blog!

As usual, so much has happened in the last few months so I need to hand pick the things to write about. First and foremost, Saige updates!

Little Saige Mackenzie is 15.5 months old and a bundle of wiggly fun. We just had her 15 month appointment and her stats are as follows-

Weight: 24 lbs (70%)
Height: 32 in (86%)
Head circ: 18.6 (84%)

Growing up fast and healthy!

This little girl is a talker. Wow. From the moment she wakes up till the going down of the sun, she is chatting. Brad and I counted her words (because that's what first-time parents do, right?) and she says somewhere around 90. Its pretty fun to hear her try to say new words throughout the day. This is not to brag, just to share fun info with our family and friends.
(She loves sitting on the toilet and pretending to wipe. She wipes her kitty's and dolly's butts, too)

Some of our favorite words of hers are 'meow', 'yo-yo' (yogurt), 'boots', 'ketcha' (no, not for Ke$ha, but ketchup), 'bubboh' (bubble) and others. She also is working on “I love you” and “I dont know”. We still sign with her, but she has taken more to talking now. 

(Helping daddy plant flowers. Saige had a little too much fun letting her me-me swim)

If you have been around Saige for more than 5 minutes, you will find her love for cats (or 'me-me's as she calls them) is more than obsessive. I'd say 90% of the time when I walk into her room to get her from her naps/in the morning, the FIRST (and 15th) word she says is “ME-ME!” She carries around her stuffed cats basically everywhere and loves to share them with people. She does a great cat impression and loves to watch trailers for “Puss in Boots” and “Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties” (I know, I know. Such a ridiculous title). All her favorite books have cats on lots of the pages. I can just see her on the show “Hoarders” when she's 82, hoarding hundred of cats and eating nothing but Fancy Feast.

She loves playing with water and rocks. She also loves her swim classes we have twice a week and seems to have a crush on 'Ky' (Kyle), her swim teacher.

She is a mommy's girl and a daddy's girl. She takes 2 decent naps a day with white noise blaring. She is a pretty light sleeper and wakes up to Brad's alarm clock most mornings. She doesn't throw fits (Im knocking on wood like crrrrrrrAZY as I write this) but can get whiny when she wants something she cant have.
(Saige with her best friend Kaleb. Kaleb's parents might be moving to Klamath in the Summer! Saige and I are sooo hoping!)

I could go on and on, but I'll tell you whats happenin' with the grown-ups (well, only by definition of age) in the family.

Brad is wrapping up his last year of dental school (YIPPEEEE!) and then we will be headed down the Klamath Falls to work with his dad. I look forward to the sunshine and getting to know Brad's extended family better. I'm desperately trying to get my sister 'she-she' (Sonja) and her hubby 'jo-jo' (Jordan) to move to K Falls for a few years....fingers crossed for me....

I am a happy full-time mom and enjoy playing with Saige.....which I do about 95% of the time she is awake. She doesn't enjoy playing without me much at all. It will be nice for her to have a sibling eventually. When Saige is napping, I usually write in her journal, clean up, read books (haven't read many good ones lately, sadly. I'm open to suggestions!) and try to avoid wasting time online.

There's an update for ya. I hope to post again soon!


Danielle said...

Fun updates! Saige is getting so big!

The Casper Cousins said...

Priceless that's all I can say.

Casper Cousins