A Summer Update.....Finally!

It seems every time I actually blog, I recommit myself to do a post every week. How hard can that be, right? Well, for a lazy blogger like me, it's nearly impossible. But I feel guilty for not posting pictures and videos of my little sweetie for people who want to see her, soooooo consider the next few posts a Cliff Notes version of our AWESOME summer of 2011 (in no particular order, I might add)!

We recently spent a week back home in Renton, WA to see my amazing cousin get married to her amazing man! At the temple sealing baby sitters were slim and kids were plentiful (plus Saige is still pretty little) so Brad kindly hung back and took care of Saige so I got to be there when my cousin was sealed. Here are some picture of the photo shoot Brad did of Saige while waiting on the Seattle temple grounds.

"What is this dish called? 'Grass'?"
"Well, I usually don't, but just this once...."
Saige about to pop from eating waaay too much green.

The temple grounds team soon after offered Saige a job as a lawn mower. She regrettably had to decline. Plus, she can find plenty of "delicious" things to eat off her own living room floor.

By the way, isn't this such a "dad" thing to do? Not only let your baby EAT GRASS, but turn it into a photo shoot? Or is it just "Brad" thing to do? Hmmmm.. :)

"I love the temple!!!"

Our little family of 3. So fun! At the end of a long day at a wedding, most women are slipping out of their heels because of aching feet. Saige's equivalent to that was yanking off her little headband. She said no more.
It was a GORGEOUS and incredibly fun day. More posts about Seattle to come...


Troy and Nancee Tegeder said...

Such a beautiful baby. We miss that little Saigers.

Sonja and Jordan said...

I love the "about to pop" picture!

mom/Anne said...

Maybe if she mows the temple lawn on a regular basis she can help pay off Brad's student loans a little faster! I love her little dress and that headband!